Public Health - Covid 19


  • There will be no successful re-opening of our economy until we have a healthy workforce and until we truly have the COVID-19 pandemic under control. Here in Lee county we must ensure that our citizens wear face coverings when out in public, the single most important individual action available to dampen the spread of this lethal virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci said it best:

  • "You don't want to balance lives against the economy, so let's get public health to help us get the economy open as opposed to two opposing forces."


Florida Panther

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  • Landscape Conservation and Regional Planning for the Florida Panther


Clean Water

  • Safe Beaches
  • Pure Drinking Water
  • Protect Aquifers from Drilling and mining
  • Expand water and sewer line connections
  • Limit permits of Septic Tanks
  • Inspect Septic Tanks
  • Further Limit use of fertilizers
  • Ensure Wetlands are protected especially the DR/GR
  • Hold polluters responsible for clean-up
  • Hold Agriculture accountable for nutrient run-off
  • Protect our eastern wetlands (the county and city DRGRs) from over development. Use these lands for water supply recharge. Can also use for biking/hiking trails. Many conservatives are also environmentalists.
  • Protect flood zones by digging ASR wells to store summer flood water for use in the dry season. This would replenish our aquifers and reduce their salinity. The Water can then be pumped up and cleaned by the utilities for use as cheap reclaimed irrigation water in the winter. This would prevent storm water runoff laden with pollutants to flow in to tidal basins and eventually pollute the sea and create more red tide


Smart Growth

  • Reduce Congestion
  • Build Infrastructure
  • Bikeable and Walkable Communities
  • Stop Toll Road Development in Environmentally Sensitive Lands
  • Sidewalks & streetlights for all school bus stops
  • Infill existing infrastructure with mixed use developments
  • Grow High and more densely vs. wide and flat.
  • Restore Impact fees to full effect
  • Create allowances for 1:10 ratio of affordable housing to market priced developments.
  • Broaden Public Transit reach to include rail services
  • Increase investment in cultural events and centers
  •  Bring daily Amtrak Auto Train and passenger service to the Lee-Collier county line. The infrastructure is already in place. This could bring us more snowbirds and thus more business. This would also reduce traffic, as local service could shuttle people to work.
  • Our rapidly growing colleges and universities are producing a highly educated labor force, yet local well paying jobs are scarce. We should create a permanent county task force that will be empowered to woo software companies and other non-polluting high paying businesses to locate offices in Lee county. Sunshine, beaches, high rents in California and elsewhere, less red tape here etc could entice them to relocate.


Green Energy

  • Solar Systems on all County Buildings in 4 years
  • Renewable Energy Sources (Geothermal for Community Pools) Wind Energy for power generation
  • Plant more Trees
  • Expand public parks and recreation facilities
  • Set a goal of 100% green energy dependence by 2040
  • Limit purchase of new vehicles to electric or hybrid


Home Rule vs. State Rule

  • Defend Local Governance from State Imposed restrictions (i.e. Plastic Straw bans, Plastic bag bans, Sunscreen bans, Beach access limitations, public school funds to private schools)
  • Ensure Sadowski funds are returned to local government for affordable housing and home renovations
  • Ensure Representatives in Tallahassee and Washington bring back resources for our community.
  • Ensure Bert Harris Act is not modified to limit local zoning changes.
  • Elect county commissioners by district, not at large. This will allow for more citizen participation, more local focus and less money influence by special interests.


Planning for Climate Change

  • Develop plan to address sea level rise and for hardening of infrastructure.  What to save vs. what to surrender.
  • Plan for stormwater mitigation and protect communities from stormwater flooding (i.e.; Bonita Springs, Island Park Communities)



Fiscal Responsibility

  • Eliminate wasteful litigation (battle for the Shell bug, suit against mulch company)
  • Investments in sporting facilities which are too soon abandoned and demolished
  • Poor planning on a bike trail which fails to connect
  • Ghost employees at the airport
  • Increase cybersecurity to protect data and operations of county services (recently hacked and locked down)
  • Encourage vocational training for future industry needs in the community.
  • Support Economic development and diversity in industries
  • Consolidate all independent fire and rescue districts in Lee county under one management county wide. The accompanying efficiencies will save taxpayers money and improve county wide service
  • Direct all county franchised utilities to supply reclaimed irrigation water at fair prices to their customers, rather than private utilities. This would save money for residents and protect the environment and our diminishing drinking water.



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Todd Truax For Congress

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© 2018 Todd Truax For Congress.

 Paid for by Todd Truax For Congress